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Classic Conquest | 48p | |  Statistics
Slots 0/32 Mode Conquest Map Caspian Border
Total players 6454 Total scores 27110970 Total dogtags 1350
Total kills 134250 Total headshot 29285 Total deaths 118486
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    Current Game Mode:     Conquest Large     Current Map:     Caspian Border
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Last 20 messages
Nobody-Flensburgtoller cheat wixxer2019-08-19 19:30:59Global
Nobody-Flensburgarsch2019-08-19 19:30:31Global
Unroolyme too very soon2019-08-19 19:17:51Global
CMDR-Rhyeok well Im off to find another server2019-08-19 19:17:35Global
UnroolyI wish my team would stop spawning2019-08-19 19:16:50Global
CMDR-Rhyethey are always in the wrong spot2019-08-19 19:16:37Global
UnroolyC-RAM is next to useless2019-08-19 19:16:26Global
Unrooly:)2019-08-19 19:13:38Global
CMDR-Rhyethat's easy for you to say2019-08-19 19:13:26Global
RememberMeBr0 2019-08-19 19:13:15Global
UnroolyBandar only is another one with good admins. Instant ban for using jet there.2019-08-19 19:12:27Global
CMDR-Rhyeyes I used to be one....xspent all my game time kicking jet pilots2019-08-19 19:12:26Global
UnroolyUKM server has very active admins who kick jets2019-08-19 19:12:04Global
CMDR-Rhyebut even then there are some nobs who seem to forget the no jet rule2019-08-19 19:11:36Global
UnroolyI'm not joining in until they split teams and fight each other2019-08-19 19:11:26Global
CMDR-Rhyeyes I try the no jets servers2019-08-19 19:11:15Global
Unroolyhappens so often 2019-08-19 19:11:06Global
CMDR-Rhyetoo OP2019-08-19 19:10:59Global
CMDR-RhyeI hate jets2019-08-19 19:10:49Global
Unroolythere is NO balance2019-08-19 19:10:48Global