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JumpingDeathBeanwtf 20 seconds? 2019-07-18 21:06:13Global
R0guusmaybe it's due to recent graphics features of your gpu that doesn't fit well with 2011 games2019-07-18 21:04:52Global
425kli dont know how i fix that2019-07-18 21:04:49Global
GechWoolfGangthe sniper2019-07-18 21:04:28Squad
GechWoolfGangwhere is it2019-07-18 21:04:23Squad
PistonDigBickWE NEED TO KILL THIS SNIPER2019-07-18 21:03:56Team
425klcpu2019-07-18 21:03:54Global
425kland i 9 9900 kf2019-07-18 21:03:49Global
Red-Aw-Bricisthat is major issue with graphic card drivers2019-07-18 21:03:36Global
425klno i got poradator g sync monitor2019-07-18 21:03:36Global
R0guusit could be lags?2019-07-18 21:03:23Global
425klwtf2019-07-18 21:03:09Global
425kland in bf3 only 70 2019-07-18 21:03:06Global
425kli got 200 fps ultra bf 42019-07-18 21:02:59Global
R0guusthen idk2019-07-18 21:02:51Global
R0guusoh2019-07-18 21:02:39Global
425kli have rtx 20802019-07-18 21:02:27Global
R0guusbetter performance and it's easier to see the players2019-07-18 21:02:17Global
Red-Aw-Briciswhat?2019-07-18 21:02:00Global
R0guustry to play with low settings2019-07-18 21:01:53Global
425klhow much fps you play2019-07-18 21:00:47Global
425klwtf2019-07-18 21:00:01Global
425klthis game lags2019-07-18 20:54:31Global
425klwhats wrong with bf 3 only got 70 fps and drops too 602019-07-18 20:53:20Global
picimben2SA2019-07-18 20:51:11Global
Schieschkroeteyou are not lvl 1 are you?2019-07-18 20:42:08Global
joe-der-1!rules2019-07-18 20:40:22Global
2006Marwanecan i do this if on i leave the game2019-07-18 18:32:52Global
2006Marwaneyes or no2019-07-18 18:32:03Global
2006Marwaneplease letse me kill you becouse i want to open c4 2019-07-18 18:31:51Global
ReKt_AmeerIQgl2019-07-17 19:56:47Global
BadoPL p90 is limit you fuck3n g4y2019-07-09 22:03:50Global
BadoPL admin?2019-07-09 22:02:47Global
BadoPL shotgun limit? m249 no? you idiot2019-07-09 22:02:37Global
ayhangsx1laggggggggggggggggggggggggggg2019-07-09 21:40:25Global
ayhangsx1lagggg2019-07-09 21:38:50Global
iDC-Malena346!rules2019-07-09 21:37:38Global
VicariousMind1sobin you're trash2019-07-09 21:14:30Global
VicariousMind1yo bones tys for those tags bro2019-07-09 20:40:57Global
VicariousMind1mmmm tags2019-07-09 20:40:33Global
nobbybonezspot please2019-07-09 20:33:46Team
ayhangsx1LAGGGGGGGGGGGG2019-07-09 20:33:10Global
VicariousMind1Rango why are you camping so hard?2019-07-09 20:31:12Global
ExStReMe_PiZzAaretard shotgun2019-07-09 20:23:14Global
Malleman2006cool2019-07-09 20:17:00Global
Malleman2006PINGG2019-07-09 20:12:55Global
Amnexyafk nub2019-07-09 20:12:47Global
ayhangsx1LAGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG2019-07-09 20:12:42Global
ayhangsx1 JARKO WHO2019-07-09 20:00:03Global
knifer_-uafucking noobs with DAO2019-07-09 19:58:43Global