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boo7716jets against infantry is op2019-07-07 17:49:06Global
boo7716WTF2019-07-07 17:48:58Global
boo7716NOW AND NO INFANTRY?!2019-07-07 17:48:57Global
boo7716MORTAR IS ALREADY A HUGE SHIT2019-07-07 17:48:45Global
boo7716mortar on infantry2019-07-07 17:48:39Global
tactical_ninja09lol2019-07-07 17:48:37Global
boo7716wtf2019-07-07 17:48:24Global
boo7716but no kill2019-07-07 17:48:10Global
boo7716guys come here at the crane2019-07-07 17:48:08Global
PEACEWALKER1972hmm2019-07-07 17:47:32Global
tactical_ninja09no2019-07-07 17:47:26Global
PEACEWALKER1972but not taemmates?2019-07-07 17:47:22Global
tactical_ninja09yes2019-07-07 17:47:08Global
boo7716Please stand by; 24,76 more reputation will increase every 2 second2019-07-07 17:47:07Global
PEACEWALKER1972can you kill people with the defi?2019-07-07 17:47:04Global
boo7716what the fuck u said?2019-07-07 17:46:05Global
boo7716also carbines are almost good as assa-2019-07-07 17:45:58Global
tactical_ninja09lmg are op in bf42019-07-07 17:45:50Global
tactical_ninja09taking a swim2019-07-07 17:45:40Global
PEACEWALKER1972what's going on there? xD2019-07-07 17:45:32Global
boo7716i was lovin' them if they was better2019-07-07 17:45:30Global
boo7716i like LMGs2019-07-07 17:45:22Global
tactical_ninja09xD2019-07-07 17:45:11Global
boo7716and supporters have newer LMGs and can use carbines :D2019-07-07 17:44:42Team
boo7716ANY GAME TO PREMIUM2019-07-07 17:44:24Team
boo7716so ill have premier origin acces2019-07-07 17:44:20Team
boo7716in my country2019-07-07 17:44:14Team
boo7716cuz the BF4 premium is almost origin acces costs2019-07-07 17:44:04Global
tactical_ninja09just no premium2019-07-07 17:43:57Global
tactical_ninja09i have all dlc2019-07-07 17:43:52Global
boo7716ill have origin acces :D2019-07-07 17:43:36Global
boo7716not enought money for premium?2019-07-07 17:43:14Global
tactical_ninja09just the gameplay is weird2019-07-07 17:43:13Global
boo7716why?2019-07-07 17:43:00Global
tactical_ninja09yea but i dont like bf42019-07-07 17:42:48Global
boo7716in BF4 is a lot easier to use EOD BOT2019-07-07 17:42:39Global
boo7716WHAT2019-07-07 17:42:13Global
boo7716i can't wait for BF42019-07-07 17:41:40Global
boo7716jets on infantry2019-07-07 17:41:28Global
tactical_ninja09could be2019-07-07 17:40:48Global
boo7716!rules2019-07-07 17:40:45Global
boo7716i was asking if he is cheating2019-07-07 17:40:39Global
boo7716wtf2019-07-07 17:40:30Global
boo7716i saw its biggest streak is 2002019-07-07 17:40:29Global
boo7716he aims like an aimbot2019-07-07 17:40:22Global
tactical_ninja09yea we play too much :p2019-07-07 17:40:10Global
boo7716i remembrer Sp7Ke2019-07-07 17:40:10Global
boo7716i have pros only2019-07-07 17:39:59Global
boo7716im biggest noob in my friend list?2019-07-07 17:39:36Global
Martinese80 2019-07-07 17:39:14Global