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Rottierood1in Nordhorn you have a Tierparke2019-08-13 19:52:40Global
b33rk1ngensch i know2019-08-13 19:52:22Global
b33rk1ngah ok2019-08-13 19:52:18Global
Rottierood1Enschede and Losser2019-08-13 19:52:11Global
b33rk1ngah ok2019-08-13 19:51:55Global
Rottierood1nearly by the Dutch border2019-08-13 19:51:50Global
b33rk1ngnever heared about that city :D2019-08-13 19:51:10Global
Rottierood1 i go to Nordhorn2019-08-13 19:50:49Global
Rottierood1thank you2019-08-13 19:50:42Global
b33rk1nghave a safe trip2019-08-13 19:50:32Global
b33rk1ngoh ok2019-08-13 19:50:29Global
Rottierood1 tomorrow a long drive to Germany2019-08-13 19:50:23Global
b33rk1ngbye2019-08-13 19:50:19Global
Rottierood1i must go2019-08-13 19:50:12Global
Jenner111 ja ok ihr habt recht2019-08-13 19:45:41Global
b33rk1ngich sitz halt alleine2019-08-13 19:45:26Global
Jenner111 OK WEGEN MIR2019-08-13 19:45:19Global
b33rk1ngja weils eben unfair war2019-08-13 19:45:08Global
Jenner111 DAS WAR ABSCIHT ODER2019-08-13 19:44:54Global
Rottierood1hahahah boem2019-08-13 19:44:51Global
b33rk1ng:(2019-08-13 19:44:16Global
b33rk1ngok gone :D2019-08-13 19:44:14Global
b33rk1ngone more player is joining2019-08-13 19:43:48Global
b33rk1ngyeah2019-08-13 19:39:27Global
Rottierood1nice view over the mountaiins2019-08-13 19:39:22Global
b33rk1ng?2019-08-13 19:37:00Global
b33rk1ngwhere are you2019-08-13 19:36:56Global
b33rk1ngTV was very bad 2019-08-13 19:34:07Global
Rottierood1hahahaha2019-08-13 19:33:55Global
b33rk1ngok2019-08-13 19:33:07Global
Rottierood1everything is OK2019-08-13 19:32:56Global
b33rk1ngfrom far away would be good :D2019-08-13 19:32:52Global
b33rk1ngTV rockets?2019-08-13 19:32:43Global
Rottierood1ok2019-08-13 19:32:29Global
b33rk1ngmy last flight was a long time ago so I first need so see how it works :D2019-08-13 19:32:20Global
b33rk1ngshall we have a chopper fight?2019-08-13 19:31:57Global
b33rk1ngno2019-08-13 19:30:52Global
Rottierood1you know how?2019-08-13 19:30:44Global
b33rk1ngbut honestly speaking ... we shall not wait for more than 10 minutes2019-08-13 19:30:38Global
b33rk1ngwe shall give it a try to get this server populated2019-08-13 19:30:25Global
b33rk1ngcause NL within your tag ;)2019-08-13 19:29:55Global
b33rk1ngi know2019-08-13 19:29:46Global
Rottierood1aha i am from the Netherlands2019-08-13 19:29:40Global
b33rk1ngger2019-08-13 19:29:25Global
Rottierood1where you from?2019-08-13 19:29:19Global
b33rk1nghi2019-08-13 19:29:12Global
Rottierood1hai2019-08-13 19:29:09Global
Rottierood1its not fair of me to stay here and shoot on you2019-08-13 19:28:22Global
b33rk1ngjoin2019-08-13 19:28:19Global
b33rk1ng i want to wait until more players will joing2019-08-13 19:28:17Global